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Devotions of the AOTS

The Aims of AOTS as listed in the Constitution include: To deepen the spiritual life of men. The National AOTS organization typically included a Spiritual Life Committee to advise on ways to assist Clubs and members in achieving this aim. The Spiritual Life Committee frequently sponsored the publication of devotional materials to support this work. Typically, the devotional materials were created by AOTS members, usually men with training or experience in worship and devotion.

This archive contains some of those resources. Anyone is welcome to access the archive and adjust the material to fit their needs.

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The Preparation for a Devotion

  • Choosing the Bible lesson
  • Creating the  devotion’s structure:

This approach came from Paul Scott Wilson, who is Professor of Homiletics at Emmanuel College of the University of Toronto. He wrote one of the most useful books on preaching that I’ve read: The Four Pages of the Sermon   This is a great resource for sermons based on the Four Pages method and is provided here as a guide for creating meeting devotions.

The devotion is structured around four questions

  1. What is the trouble in the Bible passage?
  2. What is a similar trouble in our situation?
  3. What is the grace that is a solution to the trouble in the Bible passage?
  4. What is the grace that is a solution to the trouble in our situation?
  • Writing the Closing Prayer

This is from a Blog "How to Create a Committee Meeting Devotion in 30 Minutes"

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